Introduction to RNA Springs:

RNA Springs symbolizes contemporary lifestyle. The Springs project presents inhabitants with a haven of ease and accessibility within Mumbai’s lively Andheri West.

The project provides a range of conveniences, such as intercom systems, elevators, abundant parking facilities, and backup power sources.

However, safeguarding its external surfaces against the relentless elements of nature demanded a superior solution.

The contractors turned to advanced acrylic exterior coatings in the quest for durability, aesthetics, and protection.

The Quest for Superior Protection:

As the contractors embarked on the monumental task of enhancing RNA Springs, they faced a myriad of challenges.

Mumbai’s tropical climate, with heavy rainfall, humidity, and scorching heat, imperilled the complex’s structural integrity.

Moreover, the need for a visually appealing facade that exuded sophistication further compounded their dilemma.

It was evident that conventional solutions would fall short in meeting these rigorous demands.

Sunanda Global’s Intervention:

The contractors recognized the need for cutting-edge protection. So they turned to Sunanda Global, a pioneer in advanced coatings technology.

Sunanda Global has a reputation for innovation and reliability and offers the perfect solution – acrylic exterior coatings.

With their decorative appeal, waterproofing, and heat insulating properties, these coatings could ensure that RNA Springs remained pristine against nature.

Navigating Complex Challenges in RNA Springs:

The application of advanced acrylic exterior coatings at RNA Springs had its share of complexities.

The contractors of the above project encountered various project intricacies.

However, with Sunanda’s unwavering support and expertise, they navigated through technical hurdles and logistical obstacles with finesse.

Unveiling the Benefits of Sunanda’s Exterior Coatings for RNA Springs:

The application of acrylic exterior coatings heralded a multitude of benefits for RNA Springs.

These coatings provided robust protection against water seepage and environmental aggressors. They also imparted a durable finish that stood the test of time.

Moreover, their heat insulating properties ensured a comfortable living environment for residents. The properties also mitigated the impact of rising internal temperatures.

The innovation of Sunanda made the project into a beacon of sustainability in Mumbai. This marked the project’s transition to eco-consciousness.

Streamlined Application Process:

The contractors efficiently applied advanced acrylic exterior coatings at RNA Springs with precision.

Following meticulous surface preparation and cleaning, they applied the coatings seamlessly, thanks to their liquid form.

The lack of a priming coat saved time and cut costs, rendering it a cost-effective option for contractors.

Furthermore, with minimal maintenance requirements and excellent UV stability, these coatings promised long-term value for RNA project.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction:

Sunanda Global’s steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction was pivotal to the project’s success.

The contractors at RNA Springs benefited from Sunanda’s dedicated team’s personalized service and support.

Sunanda provided comprehensive technical support and prompt material delivery. They helped in every aspect of the project. This behaviour earned them acclaim from all the occupants.


Sunanda Global’s innovation and excellence shine through in the transformation of RNA Springs, which is now coated with advanced acrylic paint.

By harnessing advanced technology and steadfast support, Sunanda’s coatings fortified the above project and enhanced its beauty and sustainability.

At dusk in Mumbai, the RNA project showcases advanced acrylic coatings, blending form and function seamlessly, epitomizing modern living.