product innovator award

Indian construction chemical company Sunanda Global (Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd.)’ bagged the product innovator award for the ‘Development of Anti-washout admixture’ within the Indian continent.


Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mrs. Anandiben Patel, Chief Guest at the inauguration of the India Chem event, congratulated the winners as an encouragement to indigenous R&D and innovation in the chemicals sector.

Consistency in R&D and innovation is assumed to be one of the critical factors in making the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India‘ program successful.

Sunanda Global’s Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Surendra Manjrekar, distinguished that concrete, once poured underwater, can disintegrate because the cement gets washed away, leading to concrete not setting. Generally, over the ninetieth, the cement is washed away, leading to a colossal loss in cash, resources, and poor quality of underwater construction.

This novel anti-washout admixture for concrete by Sunanda Global is used for the underwater construction of a weir for the Srisailem Dam (India’s ordinal largest hydro-power project) in India. Since there are no manufacturers of anti-washout admixture in India, this development was significant, involving over one hundred trials.

This admixture permits construction to require place underwater with but V-E Day loss of cement. It can revolutionize the development of underwater structures like dams, bridge piers, jetties, weirs, canals, foundations, etc.

Dr. Manjrekar said this breakthrough in anti-washout technology in India had created the development of hydraulic structures property.

Hydraulic structures are a unit of overriding importance for creating India’s self-sustaining energy, hydro-power project, irrigation, and so forth.

Using such anti-washout admixtures has opened avenues for several applications within the industry in India.

Cases like seismal retrofit style construction of bridges, tremie concreting to attach formed concrete pile caps, underwater repair of stilling basins, concreting for caissons, concreting for jetties, weirs, dams, canals, etc., require necessary underwater concreting.

The company has won the ‘Product Innovator of the Year award in 2012, 2013, and 2015‘.