The video highlights the company’s outstanding contributions and groundbreaking innovations that have revolutionised the global landscape of chemical construction.

Our exceptional waterproofing and different protection systems have been crucial in various national and international projects.

From Narendra Modi Stadium to Wankhede Stadium, we have ensured the longevity and durability of these sporting arenas through our impeccable waterproofing and protection systems.

As the video progresses, you’ll be amazed by Sunanda Global’s involvement in India’s tallest buildings, where they successfully provided waterproofing solutions.

The podium of India’s largest residential project, integrated townships, and IT and commercial structures’ car park deck floors all bear the mark of Sunanda Global’s exceptional workmanship.

We have safeguarded the tallest buildings in India with our advanced waterproofing technologies, ensuring our resilience against the elements. We have also undertaken podium waterproofing in the most significant residential projects, creating a seamless and secure living environment for residents.

Additionally, we have delivered top-notch car park deck floor coatings for integrated townships, IT complexes, & commercial structures nationwide.

Our involvement extends to India’s urban metro rail structures, where our anti-carbonation coatings safeguard the integrity of these vital transportation systems. We have protected steel bridges and structures in diverse locations, including the mesmerising Middle Vietnam Dam.

Moreover, Sunanda Global is not confined to India alone; our technical support reaches various cities across the country and extends to different countries worldwide.

Sunanda Global has made its mark globally from Malaysia’s largest oil and gas station major to elevated roads with anti-carbonation coatings.

Internationally, we have undertaken prestigious projects such as the Hotel Cabana in Florida, USA, the Seat of Government & Presidency Complex in AARA, Ghana, the Kabul Serena Hotel in Afghanistan, and the Jumeirah Lake Tower in Dubai.

Sunanda Global further exemplifies its excellence by contributing to projects such as UAE’s Sobha Ivory Business Bay, Al Yaqoub Tower, Tanzania’s Barclays Bank, and the magnificent Hindu Temple in Pennsylvania.

The company collaborates with architects, engineers, and industry experts to develop innovative solutions and address global construction challenges.

Our eco-friendly solutions and sustainable construction practices have earned them accolades and recognition on a global stage.

Moreover, Sunanda Global’s commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency has been pivotal in driving progress in the chemical construction industry.

Our advanced manufacturing facilities, rigorous quality control measures, and commitment to international standards guarantee exceptional products and services.