Introduction to Total Environment Developers:

Total Environment Developers shine as a symbol of creativity and quality within Bengaluru’s real estate sector.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional living spaces, they have crafted over 4.5 million square feet of luxury residential, hospitality, and commercial projects.

However, amidst their pursuit of architectural marvels, they encountered a common challenge: corrosion of steel rebars due to Bengaluru’s climatic conditions.

The developers turned to cutting-edge solutions in rust prevention, leading them to partner with Sunanda Global.

Total Environment Developers

Challenge of Corrosion faced by Total Environment Developers:

Corrosion poses a persistent threat to structural integrity in Bengaluru’s dynamic real estate sector.

The humid climate, coupled with occasional exposure to moisture, accelerates the degradation of steel rebars, jeopardizing the longevity of buildings.

The Total Developers, recognizing the challenge, sought a solution that removes rust and offers long-term corrosion protection.

Sunanda Global: Pioneering Rust Prevention

Leveraging their expertise, Sunanda Global introduced a two-step approach to rust prevention: a potent rust remover and passivator followed by a robust rust-preventing polymeric coating.

This dynamic duo promised to not only eradicate existing corrosion but also fortify steel rebars against future degradation, aligning perfectly with Total Environment Developers’ vision of durability and sustainability.

Rust Remover and Passivator: A Game-Changer

Sunanda Global’s rust remover and passivator proved a revolutionary solution in the developer’s battle against corrosion.

This solution effectively dissolves rust and inhibits further oxidation, rendering steel rebars pristine and corrosion-resistant.

Its versatility allowed Total Environment Developers to apply it across various projects, from luxury residences to commercial complexes, ensuring uniform protection against the relentless forces of nature.

The Power of Rust-Preventing Polymeric Coating:

Sunanda Global’s rust-preventing polymeric coating served as the ultimate shield for steel rebars, complementing the rust remover and passivator.

This coating, engineered with advanced polymers,  formed a durable barrier impervious to moisture and corrosive elements.

Its seamless application process is integrated into Total Environment Developer’s construction workflows, providing a hassle-free solution for rust prevention across its diverse portfolio.

Implementation and Impact in the projects of Total Environment Developers:

Integrating Sunanda Global’s rust prevention solutions marked a significant milestone for Total Environment Developers, enhancing their projects.

With careful surface preparation and application techniques, they seamlessly integrated the rust remover, passivator, and rust-preventing polymeric coating into their construction process.

The impact was palpable – steel rebars that were once vulnerable to corrosion now stood resilient against the elements, enhancing their building’s structural integrity and longevity.

Ensuring Sustainability and Longevity:

Total Developer’s embracing of Sunanda’s rust prevention solutions highlights their dedication to sustainability and longevity, surpassing mere immediate gains.

They mitigate the need for frequent maintenance and repair, reducing both costs and environmental footprint by protecting steel rebars from corrosion.

The developer’s proactive approach ensures enduring creations for future generations, aligning with their ethos of responsible development.


Amid Bengaluru’s dynamic real estate scene, Total Environment Developers consistently pioneers excellence and innovation.

They reinforced their commitment to quality and sustainability by adopting Sunanda Global’s rust prevention solutions.

While forging ahead, Total Environment Developers is leading Bengaluru’s rust prevention revolution, crafting timeless spaces that inspire future generations.