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Vision 2023

What is ‘Vision 2023’?

It is your ‘Vision 2023’.

We will add power to it.

You will Learn 

  •  Silence of Mind
  •  Power of Words
  •  Simple Stress Busters

Dr. Razia Manjrekar, an ICF Certified Coach and Sunanda Global’s Director will lead the ‘Vision 2023’ session.

She trains individuals to unlock their potential and maximize it, enabling them to become high achievers capable of fulfilling their own goals and contributing to their organizations’ success.

Her specialization lies in mentoring and assisting teachers, students, and professionals from diverse educational institutions in empowering themselves to achieve their aspirations, fostering a passion for continuous learning and proactive action across all aspects of life.

She guides them to conquer fear and overcome challenging obstacles, enhance their communication skills, build stronger relationships, cultivate leadership qualities, and maintain a holistic state of well-being encompassing mind, body, and spirit.

During her teaching career of 35 years, she served as a Professor of Chemistry, imparting knowledge to graduate and postgraduate students at two prestigious colleges in Mumbai, namely D. G. Ruparel College and Sophia College. She retired as an Associate Professor in 2014 after obtaining her Ph.D. from the Institute of Science, Mumbai, in 1981.

Following that, she conducted post-doctoral research at TIFR, Mumbai. Throughout my journey, I have contributed to over 25 scientific research papers published in both national and international journals.

As the Director of Sunanda Global, Dr. Razia Manjrekar has been a driving force behind the organization’s accomplishments. She pioneered corrosion research within the company and led various departments with determination and expertise.

Dr. Manjrekar is the head of Svaastha – a Leadership Training & Coaching Center.

Here, she offers comprehensive training programs in various areas, including:

  • Professional Learning and Development, Leadership Skills, Effective Written and Verbal Communication
  • English Fluency, Business Writing Proficiency, Impactful Presentation Techniques, Efficient Study Habits, Interview Preparation
  • Relationship Management, Social and Emotional Skills Management, The Art of Sales and Negotiation, Stress Management, Deep Relaxation Techniques for the Mind and Body, and Harnessing the Incredible Potential of the Brain

Furthermore, she acts as a performance and leadership coach.

She has spearheaded a group called Marshals. Marshals is an action-oriented group that fosters a movement driven by the people, for the people, and of the people. The group emphasizes the importance of deliberate, thoughtful, and positive verbal and written communication.

Time: 5 to 7 PM

Venue: Sunanda Corporate Office 

Call +91 93725 05367 for Registration. 

Complimentary Registration for First Twenty Only.