waterproofing external walls

Waterproofing External Walls:

Water discharge or additional unconditionally wet ingress in buildings results in damp, uncomfortable internal environments; deterioration of interior finishes (including mold growth); unpleasant moist areas on wall and ceiling surfaces; and multiplied concentrations of harmful pollutants, moving occupants’ health.

The exclusion of wet from buildings is thus not solely fascinating but conjointly an utmost concern to the residents of the buildings.

Water seepage through external walls

In Mumbai, because of a significant downfall, water flowing through external walls is found to be a common defect faced by householders.

In general, the watercourse was through external walls at intervals during the primary 5 years of building completion. The matter is additionally combined with Mumbai’s high wetness and copious downfall.

The current of airspeeds intimate with high-rise buildings increases the chance of water oozing. Building structures should, therefore, be adequately designed and made to stop water ingress.

Waterproofing – External Walls Of Buildings

General reasons for water seepage through external walls:

  1. Joints and cracks in the walls
    2. Absorption and permeation of the materials
    3. Construction joints in the walls
    4. Penetrating dampness
    5. Rising dampness due to capillary action
    6. Poor construction practices
    7. Honeycomb structures in concrete or plaster
    8. Separation gaps

Waterproofing systems and materials for external walls

Water tightness of exterior walls is typically achieved by providing adequate wall thickness, correct coming-up construction joints, and surface rendering and finishes that function as a barrier against water ingress.

Generally, no consideration is paid to significant regions like partition holes, honeycomb zones, sodden verification courses at the platform level, etc. This results in severe leakages through external walls and damage to high-priced internal paints & finishing.

Significance of providing waterproofing coating for the external walls:

Waterproofing external walls of buildings vigorously protect against water and prevents moisture and fungus from developing in the base of buildings.

Waterproofing coatings remove the necessity of water pumps for eliminating and transferring accumulated water in the basement of buildings.

Waterproofing external walls upgrade the structural life of buildings by preventing moisture from reaching the base of a building, therefore offering the most significant water protection.

Moisture and accumulation of water cause the building’s base to crack, and as a result, maintenance and repair are costly.

Waterproofing external walls give the residents of the building peace of mind knowing that their buildings won’t suffer from structural defects.

Sunanda Global’s innovative and cost-effective waterproofing system involving Polyalk WP and Polyfill AR is one of the best waterproofing systems in the market.

Features and Benefits of POLYFILL AR: 

  • Crack filler for plasters, IPS, cement sand screeds, and non-structural cracks
  • No need to open the crack – due to the auto-suction property of POLYFILL AR

Features and Benefits of POLYALK WP:

  • Confirms to I.S. 101
  • Tested as per DIN 1048 for permeability
  • High flexural strength and extraordinary adhesion
  • Alkaline and compatible with concrete
  • Prevents carbonation
  • It can be used as a base waterproofing coat

Watch and learn the 4 best simple steps for waterproofing the external walls of your building.

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