The Sai Baba Temple Project:

The Sai Baba temple complex at Shirdi is one of the important pilgrimage centers in India. Nearly 100,000 devotees visit the temple complex every day.

The complex’s mud, lime mortar, and stone structures deteriorated over time.

The authorities had to consider restoration of the whole complex, keeping the sanctum sanctorum generally the same in aesthetic appearance.

After visually inspecting and performing non-destructive testing, the contractors made a detailed restoration plan.

Therefore, they decided to monitor the performance of the structure periodically.

Sai Baba Temple In Maharashtra

The Application:

The contractors restored & repaired the temple by strengthening the walls, protecting against rising dampness, and applying a waterproofing treatment to the terraces.

The contractors implemented these processes to keep it a safe place for worship and other activities.

Sunanda Global provided all the required repair and waterproofing materials for the Sai Baba temple for the above procedures for the restoration of the temple.

The completion of the repair work & protection of the temple from further harm was made possible by the company’s materials and expertise.


Today, thousands of pilgrims throng the rejuvenated Shirdi Sai Baba Heritage complex daily.

Sunanda Global’s polymer cementitious grouts and polymer-modified mortar have proven to be more versatile than other contemporary materials due to their excellent compatibility with lime/cement and water.

The materials of Sunanda Global used for this project exhibit superior properties such as adhesion, compression, flexure, corrosion, & chemical resistance.

They are not only user-friendly but also economical.