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Sunanda Global, ranked among the “Top 5 waterproofing brand names of India”,  had the honor and the advantage of offering end-to-finish waterproofing systems for the Narendra Modi Stadium in 2019. With a reported seat capability of over 1.10 lakh, the stadium is India’s pride and the world’s largest cricket stadium.

Before Narendra Modi’s stadium, the largest cricket stadium in India was Eden Gardens, which could organize approximately 66,349 individuals. Narendra Modi arena is constructed across 63 acres of land. It has three practice pitches, an Olympic-size pool, 4 dressing areas, a clubhouse with 55 spaces, 76 corporate boxes, and an indoor cricket academy.

The parking lot is built to fit virtually 3,000 autos and 10,000 two-wheelers. It was made by the famous architect company Populous and the building and construction firm Larsen & Toubro.

As conceived by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the task was ambitious in magnitude and aggressive timelines. The entire layout, as well as the building and construction, was finished in 3 years.

Therefore, every element of design, as well as the building and construction of the project, required development, rocking the boat, and implementation with rate, resolution, and accuracy.

While posturing a major waterproofing obstacle, the decision to take on precast modern technology was the game-changer in having the ability to provide the job in such a brief building and construction time. For example, cast-in-situ columns would undoubtedly have placed the moment line at over 7 years as the style entailed 43 Y-shaped columns, which would have needed two months each.

Nonetheless, the timeline was much reduced by changing to pre-cast innovation, with columns gaining the needed toughness in 10-12 days. To place the scale of the job in viewpoint, some data are listed here:

Concrete in-situ – 66,000 cu.m

Concreting (Precast) – 34,000 cu.m

Precast elements – 6,600 nos.

Reinforcement – 14,000 metric tons

Masonry – 16,000 cu.m

Plastering – 1,48,000 sq.m

Flooring – 51,000 sq.m

Assessment of Task Conditions

India’s four-month-long annual monsoon rains exist unrelenting problems for a structure to withstand. This is worsened by the severe temperature level slope experienced in Ahmedabad with chilly winters where nighttime temperatures drop to reduced solitary figures (Celsius) and also warm and also overbearing summer times where peak daytime temperature levels can go to the high forties (Celsius) and sometimes even break the fifty mark.

Consequently, embracing traditional waterproofing approaches, products, technologies, and specifications has devastating repercussions in several high-profile building and construction projects. 

Included in this is the challenge provided by pre-cast construction relative to waterproofing. Nevertheless, with forty years of global experience, Sunanda Global’s team has several veterans of pre-cast waterproofing.

Aerial View of the Motera Cricket Stadium Under Construction

Fig. 1: Aerial view of the Narendra Modi Stadium under construction

We rapidly put together an inner task force which was led by the group’s Ahmedabad regional head office, with elderly members standing for the R&D and also innovation growth from the technology center and home offices in Mumbai offering their inputs as associate members of the task force. This cross-useful, knowledgeable, and diverse team was entrusted with delivering a leak-evidence waterproofing service to the Narendra Modi arena.

Provided the nature of the construction as well as precast elements, the option of a waterproofing system, style, implementation, and implementation of fool-proof waterproofing requirements, as well as on-job quality control, think of paramount significance.

Post a detailed assessment, recognition of weak spots, the custom-made methodology in keeping with the customer’s waterproofing need, and requirements were suggested and authorized by the project administration consultant M/s Stop and customer GCA.

After approval of the product and methodology, Sunanda Global’s team executed the end-to-end PU waterproofing under the umbrella of prominent civil professionals Larsen & Toubro.

Podium Areas of cricket stadium as Handed over for Waterproofing

Fig. 2: Podium Areas as Handed over for Waterproofing

Selection of Waterproofing Innovation

ELASTOROOF PUTM made by Sunanda Global, is a solitary element, high construct, liquid applied polyurethane chemistry and was adopted as the choice innovation for the waterproofing finish system.

This product chemistry supplies considerable advantages in the case of fast track, mega jobs such as Narendra Modi arena due to the excellent efficiency and a track record of the material in achieving 100% waterproofing in the most trying problems.

Due to their high mechanical residential properties, elongation, and versatility, specifically at reduced temperature levels, as well as their capacity to cure under a vast array of conditions, ELASTOROOF PUTM polyurethane-based liquid applied membrane layers can additionally be used in a diverse range of climatically tricky settings.

Ahmedabad has severe temperature levels with cool winter months as well as oppressively warm and dry summers. This high-temperature slope checks the limits of most waterproofing membranes and also products as a result of thermal anxieties.

Unlike other waterproofing systems like sheet membrane layers and acrylic/cementitious liquid applied membrane layers, this ELASTOROOF PUTM polyurethane waterproofing calls for comparatively much less ability and supervision.

As a liquid-applied membrane layer, ELASTOROOF PUTM remedies a joint-free obstacle membrane which is especially crucial in the case of significant spans/slabs/areas and pre-cast building jobs.

Application is rapid, and treatment of the ELASTOROOF PUTM membrane is also relatively quick, making the system rainfall-resistant instantly after application. Even more, the rapidity of the healing response allows for fast overcoating and more laying of the safety course. Single-element chemistry conserves time, eliminates the threat of mixing mistakes, and makes the item easy to use.

The whole PU waterproofing of the podium and stadium locations was carried out in a documented time using a mix of the developments in product science, chemistry, and automation of the surface area preparation, pre-treatment, and application of waterproofing materials.

An end-to-finish emphasis on quality assurance and testing at every step of the procedure was essential in ensuring that the preferred efficiency and speed were accomplished and the project was turned over in time.

Air ducts, cutouts, and wet areas were utilized utilizing composite grouting systems with POLYEXPANSETM non-shrink cement, SUNEPOXY 358TM epoxy substances, and ELASTOROOF PUTM as described above.

Equipment and Tools for waterproofing

Fig: 3: Equipment and Tools

Preparation, Implementation, and also Application:

Preparation and sequencing of a project of this size is a skillset that is one of a kind for every couple of businesses in India. No stranger to giant jobs, strict efficiency needs as well as hostile timelines, Sunanda Global’s indigenous tremendous manufacturing capability allowed us to deliver massive amounts of product in a significantly compressed timeline, an accomplishment that only a couple of other businesses have handled, especially on complicated items like single component polyurethanes.

Product conforming to international requirements manufactured under the “MAKE IN INDIA” banner is a matter of pride for the nation.

Application of ELASTOROOF PU Liquid Applied Single Component Polyurethane Coating with Airless Spray

Fig. 4: Application of ELASTOROOF PU Liquid Applied Single Component Polyurethane Coating with Airless Spray

cricket stadium

Fig. 5: Cured Applied Membrane of ELASTOROOF PU being Protected by Geotextile

Optimum application of mechanical application techniques like flooring brightening machines, grinding devices, airless spray devices for membrane layer application, and a much-minimized dependence on the hands-on application was likewise crucial modern technology inputs in enabling the waterproofing to be completed in a timely style.

Preparation for disturbances, spares, and several site-related unforeseen circumstances calls for experience, knowledge, and a hands-on method to task conclusion.