Case study of Ghatkopar Flyover in Mumbai

The Project & Problem:

In the dynamic urban development landscape, ensuring the seamless traffic flow becomes paramount for metropolitan regions like Mumbai.

Recognizing the need for efficient traffic management, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) embarked on a project to construct flyovers at crucial entry and exit points all over the city – one in the Ghatkopar region.

Central to the success of this ambitious endeavor was the selection of top-notch protective industrial coatings to safeguard the newly erected structures against harsh environmental elements and ensure longevity.

Ghatkopar Flyover In Mumbai

Choosing Sunanda Global:

Sunanda Global, a leader in protective coatings, got the nod after a careful evaluation by authorities. Their coatings promised durability and innovation.

The Application:

Sunanda Global’s coatings played a crucial role in protecting Ghatkopar Flyover from weathering and corrosion.

The coatings, applied with precision, created a formidable shield against environmental threats, ensuring the flyover stays strong and needs less maintenance over time.

Quality Matters:

Officials of MSRDC were pleased with Sunanda Global because of their commitment to quality.

The coatings went through strict tests, exceeding industry standards.

This commitment ensured the Ghatkopar Flyover managed traffic efficiently and lasted longer.

Eco-Friendly Approach:

Sunanda Global’s coatings are not just challenging but also eco-friendly.

The coatings minimize environmental impact while keeping performance intact, aligning with the push for greener practices in infrastructure projects.

Cost-Efficient and Long-Lasting:

Beyond immediate protection, Sunanda Global’s coatings bring long-term benefits. Less maintenance means cost savings over the Ghatkopar Flyover’s life. This cost-efficiency, combined with extended coating life, shows the value Sunanda Global provides.

Positive Impact:

Ghatkopar Flyover’s success, backed by Sunanda Global’s coatings, benefits the community. Improved traffic flow makes life better for residents and commuters.

It proves that investing in quality infrastructure has broader societal benefits.


Ghatkopar Flyover is a success story in urban development, thanks to the collaboration between MSRDC and Sunanda Global.

The protective industrial coatings from Sunanda Global have played a crucial role, ensuring the flyover stands strong against the elements.

Partnerships like these not only manage traffic efficiently but also create resilient and sustainable structures.

Sunanda Global’s commitment to excellence in coatings has set a new standard for durability, leaving a lasting impact on Ghatkopar Flyover.