Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin, a two-part liquid mixture, is widely known for its strength, durability, and versatility in many different uses in construction projects. When mixed, the resin and hardener undergo a chemical reaction, transforming into a tough and resilient plastic material. This remarkable property has made epoxy resin a go-to choice across diverse industries, from construction and manufacturing to crafting and DIY projects. In this article, we will explore the benefits and the applications of epoxy resin based products in construction projects. 

Benefits of Using Epoxy Resin

Bonding Strength

Epoxy forms powerful bonds that can withstand significant stress and harsh environments. This makes it ideal for adhering to various materials like wood, metal, concrete, and plastic, making it a valuable tool in construction, repair work, and crafting.

Corrosion Protection

Epoxy resin forms a physical barrier between the underlying material and the corrosive environment. By minimizing the exposure to these corrosive elements, the epoxy slows down the corrosion process or even prevents it completely if the barrier remains intact. 

Chemical Resistance

Unlike many adhesives, epoxy resin exhibits exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including water, solvents, and acids. This characteristic makes it suitable for applications requiring long-lasting protection, such as coatings for floors, countertops, and boats exposed to harsh elements.

Our solution: 

SUNEPOXY 358: Two-component, high-viscosity epoxy resin

Repair Material 

Epoxy resin is also widely utilized as a repair material due to its excellent bonding strength and versatility. Whether repairing small gaps, cracks, or honeycombs, an epoxy resin injection grout material can effectively reach and address these issues. Due to the high shrinkage, and low bond, the injection grout provides structural integrity. 

Our solution:

SUNEPOXY 368: Two-component, low-viscosity epoxy resin [injection grout material]

Limitations of Epoxy Resin

While epoxy resin offers numerous benefits, it’s crucial to acknowledge its limitations:

Precise Application 

Working with epoxy resin requires care and precision. Mixing ratios and application techniques need to be followed meticulously for optimal results. Additionally, the curing process can be exothermic, generating heat that can become a safety concern in large applications.

Safety Precautions

Epoxy resin can be harmful if inhaled or comes into contact with skin. Therefore, proper safety equipment like gloves, respirators, and eye protection is essential during handling and application.

Environmental Considerations

Some types of epoxy resin can pose environmental concerns if not disposed of responsibly. Users should be mindful of proper disposal methods to minimize environmental impact.

Exploring the Applications

The diverse applications of epoxy resin showcase its versatility:

Construction and Manufacturing

Epoxy adhesives are used to bond structural components, repair cracks, and create high-strength composites.


Delicate electronic components and transformers are often encased in epoxy resin for protection and insulation.

Crafting and Art

From creating jewelry and decorative objects to casting artistic pieces, epoxy resin allows artists and hobbyists to unleash their creativity.

Sunanda Global: Epoxy Resin Solutions

SUNEPOXY PAINT: Epoxy paint for external applications

Sunepoxy paint offers a versatile solution for various applications, providing a hygienic and chemical-resistant coating suitable for steel tanks, concrete walls, RCC bridges, and more. This anti-corrosive coating forms a protective barrier over steel reinforcement, ensuring long-term durability and structural integrity. Its abrasion-resistant film further enhances its performance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. With excellent chemical resistance and adhesion to many surfaces, SUNEPOXY PAINT delivers reliable protection against corrosion and wear. Whether applied on concrete or metal substrates, it offers consistent performance and lasting results, making it a trusted choice for a wide range of industrial and infrastructure projects.

SUNEPOXY ZINCRICH: Zinc-rich epoxy for anti-corrosive treatment

Sunepoxy zinc rich provides effective anti-corrosive treatment for exposed steel in repairs to structural members and various steel structures. With its strong bond to metal, it forms a durable protective layer that enhances the adhesion of subsequent coats, ensuring long-lasting corrosion resistance. This coating offers excellent solvent and chemical resistance, making it suitable for both shop and field applications. Whether used for repairing structural members or protecting steel structures, Sunepoxy Zinc Rich provides reliable protection against corrosion, extending the lifespan of steel components and infrastructure assets.

SUNEPOXY MIO: Epoxy micaceous iron oxide coating

Sunepoxy MIO is a versatile coating ideal for a wide range of applications, including offshore structures, petrochemical plants, power plants, airports, pulp and paper mills, refineries, mining equipment, and bridges. Specifically designed for structural steel and piping exposed to corrosive environments, it offers exceptional abrasion resistance and superior chemical and weather resistance. With extensive use in marine and corrosive conditions, this coating provides reliable protection against UV light, moisture penetration, and atmospheric pollutants. 

SUNEPOXY ZP: Anti-corrosive, high build, zinc phosphate epoxy primer

Sunepoxy ZP primer is a reliable choice for protecting structural steel, pipes, tank exteriors, bridges, and various industrial facilities. This epoxy primer is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, offering excellent water and corrosion resistance in industrially polluted and saline atmospheres. It boasts good adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, and non-ferrous metals, ensuring lasting protection in harsh environments. Additionally, it can be easily top-coated with a variety of coatings including alkyd, chlorinated rubber, acrylic, epoxy, and polyurethane coatings, providing flexibility and versatility in application.

SUNEPOXY WB- Two-component water-based epoxy coating

Sunepoxy WB is an ideal solution for areas prone to rising dampness or where green concrete is present, offering benefits such as concrete curing assistance and time-saving applications. Widely used in environments such as schools, hospitals, commercial kitchens, wet areas like showers and locker rooms, and high-humidity areas, this epoxy coating provides excellent resistance to various chemicals, oils, and other substances. Its unique formulation allows for application on wet, damp, or green concrete surfaces, saving valuable time during installation.


Epoxy resin, with its unique blend of strength, durability, and versatility, has earned its place as a valuable material across various industries. Understanding its properties, advantages, and limitations allows users to leverage its potential while ensuring safe and responsible application across diverse projects.