Introduction to Zonasha Frontier:

Zonasha Frontier is an impressive IT edifice within Bengaluru’s vibrant urban landscape, tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern businesses.

Zonasha rises majestically, embodying not merely a building but the ethos of advancement and creativity.

The decision-makers at Zonasha, acknowledging energy efficiency’s significance, aimed to boost sustainability with innovative solutions.

Subsequently, Zonasha joined forces with Sunanda Global, a renowned advanced roof heat insulating coatings provider, to further enhance its environmental initiatives.

This partnership began a transformative journey, revolutionizing how buildings combat heat and optimize energy consumption.

Zonasha Frontier Roof Heat Insulating Coatings

Revolutionizing Sustainable Construction for Zonasha Frontier:

Ensuring optimal thermal comfort within commercial structures is paramount in a city known for its sweltering heat.

Zonasha, with its sprawling roofscape, presented a unique opportunity to harness the power of innovative roof heat insulating coatings.

Sunanda’s solution, meticulously designed to combat heat ingress and reduce energy expenditure, emerged as the cornerstone of this ambitious project.

Contrary to conventional roofing, these coatings use advanced tech to reflect sunlight, reducing heat and easing strain on cooling systems.

A Game-Changing Collaboration:

The collaboration between Zonasha and Sunanda epitomizes the synergy between visionaries striving for sustainability and industry leaders pioneering groundbreaking solutions.

The partnership produced impressive outcomes through joint dedication to environmental stewardship and technological innovation.

The project team showcased eco-consciousness by integrating Sunanda Global’s roof heat insulating coatings into the fabric of Zonasha Frontier.

Moreover, it set new standards for energy-efficient construction practices in Bengaluru’s burgeoning skyline.

Unravelling the Technology:

At the heart of Sunanda’s roof heat insulating coatings lies a fusion of cutting-edge materials and engineering prowess.

These coatings, designed to withstand the urban challenges,  boast exceptional thermal insulation, reducing heat transfer through the roof.

The project contractors employed a multi-layered approach, thus maximizing performance and prolonging the building’s sustainability.

Moreover, these coatings are imbued with UV-resistant additives, safeguarding against degradation and prolonging their service life in India’s harsh climatic conditions.

Elevating Environmental Responsibility:

Additionally, Sunanda Global’s roof heat insulating coatings at Zonasha Frontier demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility beyond energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Zonasha Frontier emerged as an eco-friendly leader in Bengaluru by reducing carbon footprint and conventional energy use, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Furthermore, Zonasha Frontier and Sunanda’s collaboration sets a precedent, catalyzing a paradigm shift towards greener, more resilient urban landscapes.

A Testament to Success for Zonasha Frontier:

As Zonasha Frontier continues to thrive in Bengaluru’s competitive real estate market, the impact of Sunanda Global’s roof heat insulating coatings reverberates throughout its corridors.

From lower operational costs to enhanced occupant comfort, this innovative solution’s tangible benefits underscore its role as a catalyst for change.

Furthermore, Zonasha Frontier’s success story influences developers globally, shaping sustainable construction practices in India and worldwide.


Zonasha Frontier exemplifies innovation and collaboration’s transformative influence.

This iconic IT building transforms architectural standards by adopting Sunanda Global’s roof heat insulating coatings while reshaping its environmental impact.

As Bengaluru evolves into a global innovation hub, Zonasha Frontier, aided by Sunanda, showcases how sustainable construction fosters a greener future.