Introduction to Zonasha Frontier:

Zonasha Frontier in Bengaluru symbolizes ingenuity and efficiency within the dynamic IT hub.

Zonasha Frontier offers dynamic spaces for businesses to thrive, boasting cutting-edge amenities and a steadfast dedication to excellence.

However, every masterpiece requires meticulous care, and the terrace, a vital communal space, demanded attention.

Sunanda Global stepped in to provide superior waterproofing coatings, ensuring longevity and resilience for Zonasha Frontier.

Zonasha Frontier Terrace Waterproofing

The Need for Waterproofing Coatings:

The terrace of Zonasha Frontier, much like any outdoor structure, faced the relentless onslaught of nature’s elements.

Bengaluru’s erratic weather patterns, characterized by heavy rains and scorching sun, posed a significant threat to the terrace’s integrity.

The terrace was susceptible to water ingress, structural damage, and degradation over time without adequate protection.

Implementing high-quality waterproofing coatings was imperative to safeguard this vital asset and prolong its lifespan.

Sunanda Global became the trusted partner, offering tailored, innovative solutions for Zonasha Frontier’s unique needs.

Advantages of Sunanda Global’s Waterproofing Coatings for Zonasha Frontier:

Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings offer numerous benefits, making them Zonasha Frontier’s preferred choice.

Firstly, these coatings boast exceptional durability and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions with ease.

Sunanda’s coatings offer unparalleled protection against both torrential downpours and intense UV exposure, ensuring long-term structural integrity.

Moreover, their seamless application ensures a watertight barrier, eliminating any possibility of leakage or seepage.

This not only safeguards the terrace but also enhances its aesthetic appeal, maintaining its pristine condition for years to come.

Additionally, Sunanda Global’s coatings offer quick curing times, minimizing downtime and disruption to daily operations.

With their efficient application process, Zonasha Frontier experienced minimal inconvenience, allowing business activities to proceed uninterrupted.

Implementation Process:

The contractors intricately strategized the deployment of Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings and flawlessly carried out the plan.

The terrace underwent thorough surface preparation, rigorous cleaning, and priming to facilitate optimal adhesion.

Subsequently, Sunanda Global’s specialized coatings were applied, seamlessly enveloping the terrace in a protective shield.

The applicators applied to each layer with precision, ensuring uniform coverage and maximum efficacy.

After completion, the terrace emerged rejuvenated, fortified, and prepared to withstand the test of time, signaling its resilience.

Sunanda Global’s technical expertise and unwavering support throughout the process ensured a smooth transition, reaffirming its commitment to excellence.

Result and Impact for Zonasha Frontier:

The transformation of Zonasha Frontier’s terrace following the application of Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings was nothing short of remarkable.

It enhanced the terrace’s structural integrity and revitalized its overall aesthetic appeal.

These coatings seamlessly integrated, providing occupants peace of mind by fortifying their environment against moisture-related issues.

Moreover, the enhanced durability of the terrace translated to long-term cost savings, mitigating the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

As Zonasha Frontier flourishes, its waterproof terrace showcases proactive preservation, demonstrating Sunanda Global’s innovative solutions.


In Bengaluru’s evolving IT sector, Zonasha Frontier epitomizes excellence and persistently pursues perfection.

Zonasha exemplifies its dedication to quality and sustainability by prioritizing terrace protection and showcasing its ethos.

Zonasha’s partnership with Sunanda Global ensured resilient infrastructure and fostered growth and prosperity.

As innovation progresses, Zonasha Frontier remains committed to excellence, supported by Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings.