The Mumbai Metro Project:

Mumbai Metro is protected, spotless, quick, and the most mindful infrastructure in Mumbai.

It saves an hour and a half of travelling time and guarantees its users a global experience for a smooth day.

The metro system lessens traffic in the city and supplements the packed Mumbai Railways.

The bridge being a crucial part of the project, it was necessary to take particular measures to ensure its longevity and durability.

The authorities wanted to paint this bridge to protect against heat, heavy rainfall, etc.

mumbai metro

The Application:

Sunanda Global‘s team suggested that the contractors use their anti-carbonation coatings for painting the entire metro bridge.

Specially designed coatings protect concrete structures from environmental factors such as carbon dioxide, moisture, UV radiation, and other pollutants that can lead to corrosion and damage.

These coatings have excellent adhesion and resistance to weathering and are UV resistance.

The anti-carbonation coatings are used in multiple layers to form a barrier that prevents the penetration of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances.

The coatings were applied using a spray-on method, which allowed for a quick and efficient application process, reducing the overall construction time of the project.


Sunanda Global’s anti-carbonation coating was:

  • A vital component of the Mumbai Metro Project.
  • Enhanced the bridge’s service life.
  • Improved the service life, safety, and durability of the bridge.

Now the unique shades of graphite grey, window grey, and flame red welcome the Mumbai commuters on the bridge.