Case study of Middle Vaitarna Dam in Maharashtra

Middle Vaitarna Dam Project:

The construction of the Middle Vaitarna Dam used roller-compacted concrete in Thane. It stands at 84 metres (276 ft) and ranks as the third tallest dam in Maharashtra state.

The constructors constructed the dam to meet Mumbai’s increasing water requirements of 455 million litres.

Sunanda Global received an approach to provide anti-corrosive coatings to the dam’s gates in Thane to protect it against corrosion.

The Application:

Sunanda Global, a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals and waterproofing solutions, provided the solution with its range of anti-corrosive coatings. 

The dam’s gates were coated with two-component acyclic, polyisocyanate reticulate (APR) based anti-corrosive coatings of Sunanda Global.

Middle Vaitarna Dam

Before Treatment:


After Treatment:



The gates of Vaitarna Dam are now corrosion-resistant, chemical, and carbon-resistant due to the corrosion protection system of Sunanda Global.

The project was completed successfully and had been supplying clean and safe drinking water to the residents of Mumbai since its inauguration.