Dr. S K Manjrekar elected as ICT Honorary Fellow certificate

Dr. Surendra Manjrekar, an ACI Member, is elected as an ICT Honorary Fellow by the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) during its 50th Annual Convention.

At its 50th Annual Convention, the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) celebrated 50 years of progress with a technical symposium and anniversary banquet. The Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) marked the occasion with the presentation of awards to significant contributors to concrete technology.

The Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) chose famous and distinguished ACI members as ICT Honorary Fellows during its 50th Anniversary celebration. Honorary Fellowship is ICT’s topmost membership level, and only those who have made noteworthy contributions to the concrete world are eligible for this membership.

Five renowned individuals from around the globe were honoured for their contributions in this sector to commemorate the Institute’s five decades as ICT Honorary Fellow:  Dr. Surendra Manjrekar (Chairman and Managing director of Sunanda Chemicals Speciality Coatings Ltd and “the backbone” of ACI activities in India), Ron Burg (Executive Vice-president of the American Concrete Institute); Anne Ellis (Past President of the American Concrete Institute); Professor Johann Plank (the Technical University of Munich and Co-editor of Cement & Concrete Research); and Edwin Trout (Information Services at the Concrete Society and Executive Officer of the ICT).

Dr. S K Manjrekar is elected as ICT Honorary Fellow

Dr. Surendra K. Manjrekar is an ACI Honorary Member and the Chairman and Managing Director of Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd. He joined ACI in 1987. He carries out and trains ACI certification field testing courses in India.

He functioned as President of the ACI India Chapter for many years. He has released more than 200 papers in different national and international journals.

He has been a guest editor of the Construction and Building Materials journal, Cement and Concrete Research Journal, and Revista ALCONPAT.

Dr. Manjrekar has given over 100 keynote presentations throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Oman, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Romania, and Hong Kong on concrete, corrosion prevention, dampproofing, repairs, and nanomaterials.

He got the Industry Doyen award from the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) Government of India, the most extraordinary acknowledgement of the construction field in India.

He is the only Asian and Indian to achieve this honour of being elected as an ICT Honorary Fellow.

The technical symposium occurred at the Prince Philip House, the Royal Academy of Engineering home in Carlton House Terrace. The anniversary program comprised eight notable papers dealing with advances in issues emanating from the five decades of 1972-2022.

Famous specialists gave the paper, including speakers from Australia, France, Portugal, and the UK. The subjects included admixtures, low-carbon, precast concrete, self-compacting and high-performance concrete, standards, supplementary cementitious materials, and comments on future directions.

The gala dinner was enjoyable in the Great Hall at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Great George Street, following an optional guided tour of the ICE’s impressive library, archives, and exhibition space and a champagne reception in the Smeaton Room.

After dinner, there were speeches and an awards ceremony.

ICT aims to advance concrete technology as an acknowledged engineering regulatory body and combine existing concrete technologists’ expert authorities globally.