Case study for exterior walls of Sobha Ivory in Dubai

Exterior Walls of Sobha Ivory Project:

Sobha Ivory 1, Dubai, is one of the famous commercial buildings in the commercial town of Business Bay, Dubai.

It is part of the Sobha Ivory complex, which includes Sobha Ivory 2.

The commercial tower consists of three basement levels, a ground floor, two podiums, and 12 floors dedicated to office space.

The contractors for the project were seeking a cost-effective solution for anti-carbonation coatings for the exterior walls of Sobha Ivory.

The contractors were impressed by Sunanda Global’s anti-carbonation coatings and their success rate. Consequently, they opted to use these coatings for the external walls of Sobha Ivory.

The Application:

The external walls of Sobha Ivory were painted with Sunanda Global’s anti-carbonation and heat-resistant exterior coatings.

The coatings provided a highly protective layer against carbonation. In addition, they gave an attractive textured finish to the building’s external walls of Sobha Ivory.

sobha ivory tower


The application of Sunanda Global’s anti-carbonation and heat-resistant exterior coatings significantly prolonged the maintenance-free life of the structure.

The coatings proved to be a cost-effective solution for the contractors and provided a long-term solution for protecting the building’s exterior walls.

Overall, Sunanda Global’s coatings were a smart and effective choice for the Sobha Ivory project.