Sobha Ivory Project:

The Sobha Ivory Project in Dubai required applying epoxy coatings to their car parking floor.

Sunanda Global, who previously provided anti-carbonation coatings for the complex’s exterior, has been entrusted with handling the epoxy coating of the car parking podium.

Sunanda Global is well-versed in providing epoxy coatings for industrial and car parking floors, making them a suitable choice for this project.

The Application:

The application process involved using an epoxy underlay and topcoat supplied by Sunanda Global to coat the car parking floors of the complex.

They choose these products for their ability to create a durable and long-lasting surface capable of withstanding heavy use and exposure to chemicals.

The application procedure likely required preparation of the surface to be coated, such as cleaning and smoothing out any rough areas or imperfections.

Then, the epoxy underlay would have been applied to the surface, followed by the topcoat. 

The result was a safe, seamless surface that is both impervious and resistant to abrasions and chemicals.

sobha ivory tower


Epoxy coatings of Sunanda Global were the ideal solution for the Sobha Ivory Project’s car parking floor.

The coatings provide a reliable and safe walking surface that is not only seamless and waterproof but also resistant to chemicals and abrasions. 

The project team completed the project, resulting in a high-quality car parking area that is both functional and visually appealing.