Case study of Tata’s Bombay House in Mumbai

The Bombay House Project:

Bombay House is a unique exclusive structure in Mumbai, India, that fills in as the headquarters of the Tata Group.

Tata Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India, with annual revenue of US$103 billion (FY 2021).

Its known global brands include Jaguar Land Rover, Air India, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tata Motors, Taj Hotels, Tata Starbucks, etc. The structure houses the chairman’s workplace and Tata Group’s top heads. 

The architect of the building is George Wittet, of Scottish origin. He planned 40 structures for the Tata Group and later headed Tata Motors.

The Application:

The entire building was protected by our polyurethane waterproofing membrane and repaired by concrete repair materials, including corrosion inhibitor, rust-preventing polymeric coating, micro concrete, polymer-modified mortar, and shrinkage compensating waterproof admixture for plaster.

The concrete repair materials were able to restore the roof’s structural integrity and prevent further damage from water infiltration.






Sunanda Global’s polyurethane materials proved to be an effective solution for waterproofing and repairing Tata’s Bombay House in Mumbai.

Finally, the successful application of the Sunanda Global waterproofing system has ensured this structure in Mumbai remains impervious to water thanks to high performance and a suitable waterproofing solution.

Also, the high-performance concrete repair system has generated peace of mind for Tata Bombay House occupants, making costly maintenance negligible.

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