Upscale Villa Scheme

Upscale Villa Scheme Project

The upscale villa scheme in Florida represents the ultimate in luxury living. With stunning architecture, high-end finishes, and prime locations, these properties offer residents a sophisticated and relaxed lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy all that Florida offers in style and comfort.

The Problem:

Because of the atmospheric conditions, such as carbon dioxide in the air and other gases exposed, the concrete of the Upscale Villa Scheme in Florida, USA, deteriorated.

Carbonation is one of the principal causes of deterioration, and it brings about various physical changes in the quality of concrete and affects the concrete’s alkalinity.

The Application:

Sunanda Global used their 100% acrylic, decorative, waterproofing, heat-insulating, and anti-carbonation coatings to protect the Upscale Villa from the carbonation and other environmental attacks.

Sunanda Global applied the anti-carbonation coatings to the villas’ walls, ceilings, and other structures. These coatings helped to prevent the corrosion of the steel reinforcements and ensured that the buildings remained structurally sound.

The application of the anti-carbonation coatings proved to be a success. The coating formed a protective layer over the concrete, preventing carbon dioxide from penetrating the surface.

The coatings’ decorative, waterproofing, and heat-insulating properties also added value to the villa, making it a more attractive and functional living space.


The anti-carbonation coatings of Sunanda Global provided protection for external concrete structures of the Upscale Villa Scheme against carbonation and similar environmental attacks. The coatings provided a protective layer that increased the durability and longevity of the external surfaces.

The coatings helped the structure withstand extreme climatic changes like heavy rainfall, high humidity, and heat.

Sunanda Global’s anti-carbonation coatings proved to be an effective solution for the contractors working on the upscale villa scheme in Florida.

This case study highlights the importance of using high-quality coatings to protect concrete structures from environmental damage and ensure their longevity.