You are currently viewing Sourabh Manjrekar presented in International Forum at the ACI convention in USA

Sourabh Manjrekar presented in International Forum at the ACI convention in USA


Convention participants from around the globe gathered for ACI’s International Forum on Sunday, October 20, 2019, at The Concrete Convention and Exposition in Cincinnati, OH, USA. ACI Vice President Jeffrey W. Coleman welcomed participants.

Participants can discover other worldwide companies – and how ACI works with its International Partners in a shared interest of furthering concrete knowledge.


India Chapter of ACI – Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar

ACI Paris Chapter – Dr. François Toutlemonde

ACI Qatar Chapter – Eng. Amir Salih Mia

ACI Ecuador Chapter – Mr. Guillermo Loayza

ACI Lebanon Chapter/ACTS – Mr. Ziad Awad

Sharjah Municipality, UAE – Eng. Khalifa Bin Hadda

Jordan Concrete Association (JCA) – Dr. Mohamad Abd-Alqader

RILEM – Dr. Alejandro Duran-Herrera

Through ACI International Partners, ACI Chapter representatives, and ACI leadership, participants learned about global events, tasks, initiatives, and common motifs of interest to the concrete materials, design, and construction industry.

The famous Forum offers exceptional benefits for participants to share knowledge on their organization’s strategies and goals and form a nexus with other concrete industry professionals. 

The Forum was complied with by lunch, and afterward, a presentation on “Sustainability in the Latin American Cement Industry: How to Transform Challenges into Opportunities.” by famous guest speaker Maria José Garcia, Executive Director, FICEM.

Latin America is submersed in the problem between the demand for advancement and the increased responsibility for environmental protection and natural deposit conservation. García gave a review of the challenges faced by Latin America and the Caribbean in this presentation.

Specifically, how the concrete sector adds a sustainable way to the troubles dealt with by the area, highlighting dedication to environment adjustment difficulties, high product strength, and its capability for advancing sustainable infrastructures.