It is a well-known fact that corrosion of steel reduces the service life of structures. Once steel rebars start corroding (rusting), the reinforced concrete structure begins deteriorating.

Well, guess what?

Sunanda Global has developed and created a miracle product called RUSTICIDE, a single-component sulphate and chloride-free liquid, which in one operation, removes rust and prevents further rusting of steel. It’s the complete solution to treat the corrosion of steel bars.





RUSTICIDE is a rust remover liquid for steel that treats corroded rebars in one operation.


Rusticide is a rust remover and passivator and prevents further corrosion of:

  • New/ old reinforcement steel.
  • Embedded steel in repairable structures.
  • Steel structures include tanks, water pipelines, effluent pipelines, trusses, purlins, rafters, and other structural members.

A simple methodology to use Rusticide:

  • Initially remove loose rust by mechanical means like wire brushing, chipping, hammering, etc., depending on the extent of corrosion.
  • Apply sufficient RUSTICIDE on the affected metal surface using a cotton waste swab.
  • Leave it in contact with the surface until the red colour of the corroded steel surface gets converted to the nearest original black.
  • An excess application may sometimes give a whitish-black surface.
  • Remove the freed loose rust particles by brush after at least 24 hours.
  • The reddish-rusted surface is sometimes left exposed after the detachment of loose scales. This should be re-treated with RUSTICIDE.
  • As per specification, a passivating coating like POLYALK FIXOPRIME may be applied after the surface dries up (around 48 hours later).

Quality assurance is guaranteed.

Sunanda has already been voted among the top 5 waterproofing brands in India. All products manufactured by Sunanda Global are as per global quality standards.

Sunanda Global has an ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation and CE marking for manufacturing its products.

The products have been used in numerous countries worldwide, including the USA, UAE, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Maldives, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

In the next series, we will discuss the prevention and passivation of corrosion of steel rebars.