Get the Best Solution for Waterproofing External Wall in 4 Simple Steps

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4 simple steps video for waterproofing exterior walls by Sunanda Global

How can you prevent water and mold from affecting your walls? By following the following 4 simple steps of waterproofing with Sunanda Global.

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When exterior walls are exposed to rainwater or high humidity, water and moisture can travel through the masonry and affect your internal walls. Therefore, more is needed to decorate and waterproof the building. 

Sunanda Global has the ideal solution for external waterproofing surfaces against rain. It is a highly elastic, water-soluble paint based on acrylic elastomeric resins.

Our Waterproofing Exterior coatings & Paints make walls impermeable from rain. It is vapor-permeable to allow breathing of the structural element and highly elastic to ensure crack-bridging. Also, it provides strong bonding to the substrate and excellent coverage. Moreover, it possesses excellent resistance to washing.

Sunanda Global’s waterproofing chemicals are applied on old or new surfaces made of any building material, such as render, exposed concrete, masonry, etc.