Google Office at BKC Project:

Google, the most prominent American multinational technology brand, opened its new commercial office at the FIFC tower, one of the vibrant destinations for commercial players in BKC.

The Google office in BKC required advanced waterproofing for its wet areas, such as the toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, office at bkc

The Application:

The contractors leading Google’s office at BKC required a complete waterproofing solution for the wet areas that would satisfy international guarantee criteria and be simple to deploy.

The contractor specified Sunanda Global’s waterproofing products for the office’s waterproofing protection.

Sunanda Global provided the contractors with an advanced liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane for the wet areas of Google’s office.


Sunanda Global’s liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane was easy to implement for the critical areas of Google’s office in BKC and helped them complete their project faster.

The contractors organized the work to minimize significant delays and allow project completion within the budgeted amount.

The waterproofing contractor needed Sunanda Global’s materials so that the operational activities could start at the office concisely.