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American Concrete Institute Young Professionals – Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar


The American Concrete Institute (ACI) Young Professionals selected Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar to represent the 2018 Emerging Leaders Alliance Program (ELA) at The Westin Tysons Corner in Falls Church, VA, USA.

The ACI Young Professionals, known for spotting and nurturing talent in the concrete industry, made a thoughtful decision in selecting Mr. Manjrekar as their envoy for the ELA.

In the dynamic world of professionals, Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar stood out as a symbol of dedication and proficiency. His representation in the 2018 ELA at The Westin Tysons Corner not only mirrored his personal achievements but also brought honor to the ACI Young Professionals, who recognized his potential as a budding leader.

Amidst the activities of the Emerging Leaders Alliance Program, Mr. Manjrekar’s presence epitomized the high standards upheld by the American Concrete Institute. His active participation and insightful contributions during the program’s sessions highlighted his commitment to advancing not only his career but also the industry as a whole.

We can’t talk about Mr. Manjrekar’s journey without acknowledging the pivotal role played by the ACI Young Professionals. This platform, dedicated to nurturing emerging talent, continues to be a guiding light for professionals like Mr. Manjrekar, who are eager to make substantial contributions to the concrete industry.

The Westin Tysons Corner, an apt setting for such a distinguished gathering, witnessed Mr. Manjrekar’s involvement in various discussions and activities. His engagement with peers, mentors, and industry experts not only showcased his technical expertise but also his ability to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, enriching the collaborative spirit of the program.

Speaking of collaboration, it’s crucial to note that Mr. Manjrekar’s journey is not a solitary one. The support and mentorship provided by the ACI Young Professionals have been instrumental in his growth.

The Emerging Leaders Alliance Program served as a platform for him to forge connections, gain insights, and lay the foundation for future collaborations, underscoring the importance of mentorship in professional development.

In conclusion, Mr. Sourabh Manjrekar’s representation at the 2018 Emerging Leaders Alliance Program wasn’t just a personal triumph but a testament to the foresight of the ACI Young Professionals.

The Westin Tysons Corner became a stage where industry leaders witnessed the emergence of promising talent, and Mr. Manjrekar’s journey exemplifies the ethos of the American Concrete Institute – nurturing excellence and building connections that stand the test of time.