What is epoxy waterproofing

Epoxy waterproofing stands at the forefront of architectural and construction advancements, providing a solution to combat water damage. Epoxy waterproofing is a method of creating a waterproof barrier on surfaces using a two-part epoxy resin system. It’s a popular choice for applications where a strong, durable, and chemical-resistant seal is needed.


In this article, we will explore the important materials that make up the epoxy waterproofing system, including the two-part epoxy resin, epoxy primer, and epoxy coating. We will delve into how these materials work together to form a protective barrier that prevents water intrusion and enhances the structural durability of the buildings. 

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a reactive liquid or solid that acts as the base material or binder in various epoxy products. It’s a thermosetting polymer, meaning it undergoes a chemical reaction when combined with a hardener, permanently curing into a solid plastic-like material. It is reactive, has good adhesion, and has chemical resistance. Epoxy resin is not waterproof or strong on its own, it requires a hardener to achieve these properties. 



Concrete Surfaces as a Repair Mortar: Epoxy resins are used to make epoxy-based repair mortars in combination with graded quartz sand for repairing and reinforcing concrete surfaces, filling gaps, cracks, and honeycombs to restore structural integrity.


Steel Structures: They provide corrosion protection for steel, reinforcing its durability against environmental and chemical factors. Use SUNEPOXY 358: Two-component epoxy resin to protect your steel structures. 


Reinforcement Steel: Epoxy resins are applied to reinforcement steel, offering additional resistance to corrosion and durability.


Flooring Screeds: These resins are utilized in creating durable, chemical-resistant linings, making them ideal for industrial flooring and screeds.


Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants: Epoxy resins repair and reinforce concrete surfaces in high-duty areas like warehouses and manufacturing plants, where heavy machinery and constant traffic necessitate robust flooring solutions. Use SUNEPOXY TF30: Three-component, epoxy resin for your warehouse repair. 


Hospitals and Chemical Plants: Their hygienic and chemical-resistant properties make epoxy resins suitable for environments requiring cleanliness and resistance to aggressive chemicals, such as hospitals and chemical plants.


Bridge Construction: SUNEPOXY ADH a structural epoxy bonding agent is used as a structural adhesive and gap-filling adhesive in segmental bridge construction. Epoxy resins ensure the structural stability and longevity of bridges.

What is Epoxy Coating? 

Epoxy coating is a pre-mixed formulation that combines epoxy resin with other components to create a finished product. It’s a two-part system typically consisting of epoxy resin and a hardener. The hardener is a reactive agent that triggers the curing process, causing the epoxy resin to solidify and form a strong, durable plastic-like layer. Additional components like pigments, fillers, and additives will be included in the formulation depending on the desired properties of the final coating. 

Functions of Epoxy Coating

  • Protection: Shields surfaces from wear, tear, water damage, and chemical exposure.
  • Decoration: Enhances the visual appeal of surfaces with a variety of color options and finishes.
  • Sealing: Epoxy coatings create a seamless and impermeable layer that prevents moisture and dust infiltration.


Metal surfaces: Protects metal from corrosion, rust, and chemical damage. This can be applied to pipes, machinery, storage tanks, and other metal elements. Use SUNEPOXY PAINT to protect your metal surfaces. 

Pools and garages: Epoxy coatings create a waterproof and chemical-resistant barrier for pool interiors and garage floors. 

Marine applications: Used on boats to protect hulls and decks from water damage, UV exposure, and marine organisms.

Commercial kitchens: Provides a durable and attractive surface for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Epoxy coatings can be pigmented or incorporate decorative elements for a custom look. Use SUNEPOXY SL: epoxy coating for your commercial kitchens. 

Bridges: Epoxy coatings can be used to protect bridge surfaces from corrosion caused by de-icing salts, weather elements, and traffic.

What is Epoxy Primer?

Epoxy primer is a specialized primer formulated with epoxy resin as a key component. It acts as a base layer to prepare surfaces for the application of epoxy coatings or other compatible paints. It is typically made of epoxy resin, fillers, and solvents. 

Functions of Epoxy Primer


  • Improves adhesion: The primary function is to create a strong bond between the surface and the subsequent epoxy coating, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish.
  • Promotes a smooth finish: Helps fill minor imperfections, leading to a smoother surface for the topcoat.
  • Enhances moisture and corrosion resistance: Provides an additional layer of protection against moisture and corrosion, especially when used with an epoxy coating system.


Concrete surfaces: A common application for priming concrete floors, walls, and other structures before applying epoxy coatings. This improves adhesion and promotes a smooth finish for the topcoat.

Metal surfaces: Used to prime metal surfaces like pipes, machinery, storage tanks, and other elements before applying epoxy coatings for enhanced corrosion resistance and adhesion. Use SUNEPOXY ZP: Anti-corrosive epoxy primer for metal surface protection.  

Wood surfaces: In some cases, epoxy primer can be used on properly prepared wood surfaces before applying epoxy coatings, especially when a high level of adhesion and moisture resistance is desired.

Previously painted surfaces: Epoxy primer can adhere to well-prepared painted surfaces, creating a suitable base for applying a new epoxy coating system.


Our solution: SUNEPOXY PRIME: Multi-purpose epoxy primer, SUNEPOXY PAINT – Multi-purpose epoxy paint


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